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Looking for the perfect home with quality features in outstanding communities?

Expecting personal, dedicated service from your Realtor?
Looking for great golf, tennis, swimming and fitness amenities?
Want to live at the beach?

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Everyone dreams of finding their ideal home. I dedicate my time to turning those dreams into reality by finding you the finest property to suit your unique needs. Success for you is my number one priority.

That's why I represent only the best of Southport's resale home and homesites at St. James Plantation and Winding River Plantation-two of coastal Carolina's most exceptional communities. I also offer an astounding selection of homes and homesites in Caswell Beach. I also represent three additional communities in the Southport area: Arbor Creek, and Brunswick County's two newest communities Sea Watch Plantation and Riversea at Sunset Harbor.

These fantastic areas of Brunswick county offer the finest values and amenities-from nationally recognized golf courses to private beach clubs, marinas and more. Here you will find everything you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams.
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    Southport NC Waterfront Park

    Southport Waterfront If you’re looking for a place with small town charm and gorgeous coastal views, Southport is the place

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  • Southport NC Iconic 'Worms & Coffee'

    Midway Coffee & Worms Store front

      Iconic 'Worms and Coffee' gas station, store will close its doors for good on Saturday  By Sarah Shew Wilson,

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St James Plantation Baby Boomers Wish List

NC Beaches

What today’s 55-plus buyers want in a home

New research shows that for boomers, it’s all about location, lifestyle and open space

  • A focus group and survey together gathered information on the preferences of baby boomer buyers.
  • The results showed that 55-plus homebuyers value amenities, community, flexibility, design — and locations that put them close to all the action.
  • Although tradition says that many boomers are looking to downsize, the largest percentage of those surveyed indicated their preference for a mid-sized house.

The morning sun fills your kitchen as you put on a pot of coffee. Over the counter, you ask some neighbor friends who stopped by if they’d like a cup without having to shout through walls.

Despite your home’s abundance of storage, your tennis shoes never quite make it to their rightful place but rather stay by the front door, always ready to be laced up for the nearby walking trail.

On your stroll, you wave to the people you know and later plan the afternoon in your mind: perhaps a little shopping or live music to top off the day. Why not? All the action’s only a few blocks down the road.

This may be a snapshot of St James Plantation baby boomers‘ typical vision as they look to buy a new home, according to research conducted by Hanley Wood, a real estate media firm, and national homebuilder and developer Taylor Morrison.

The results are gleaned from the findings of two separate studies: a focus group involving boomers and a separate survey of recent homebuyers in the 55-plus age group that gathered information on their values, preferences and attitudes.

Courtesy of NEXTadventure

Courtesy of NEXTadventure

Baby boomer homebuying wish list

Much like anyone going through the homebuying process, the wish lists of buyers 55 and up seem to largely reflect the lifestyle they desire.

The final report from Grey Matter Research and Consulting, which combined the results of both research efforts, showed that boomer buyers value the first impression of a community and feeling welcome.

Amenities are also huge draws. Some favorites include clubhouses, pools and walking trails. But above all else, location reigns supreme as a gateway to the fun stuff: restaurants, shopping, entertainment. Proximity to medical services also ranks as an important factor.

The following are favored design elements and features among boomers:

  • Open floor plans
  • High ceilings
  • Natural light
  • Integrated indoor and outdoor space
  • Sheltered areas
  • Native plants
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient technology
  • Sufficient storage

The top three factors that influence the purchase of a home are:

  • Area/location (50.2 percent)
  • Price/affordability (37.4 percent)
  • The layout of the home (19 percent)

These factors also led the way for buyers building or shopping for a new home:

  • Quality of construction (9 percent)
  • Safer neighborhood (8.4 percent)
  • Better floor plans (8.2 percent)
  • Architecture/overall design (8.1 percent)

The top three most important rooms or areas in a home include:

  • Kitchen (82.8 percent)
  • Master bedroom (59.2 percent)
  • Great room (36 percent)

When it comes to tech, these types were most highly valued: 

  • Wireless security systems (7.1 percent)
  • Lighting that senses and adapts to you (6.3 percent)
  • Integrated home technology, including “smart” thermostats and lighting controlled by a smart phone (6.2 percent)

Interestingly, the largest percentage of baby boomers would prefer a mid-size home rather than a smaller property:

  • 18.1 percent want a house under 2,000 square feet
  • 48.6 percent want a house between 2,000 and 2,999 square feet
  • 20.8 percent want a house between 3,000 and 3,999 square feet

“Information gleaned from the focus group helps set the stage on what the 55-plus homebuyer desires in a new home and how the industry should be building its homes,” said John McManus, Editorial Director of Hanley Wood’s Residential Group, in a press release. “These influential buyers want a fresh start in a vital, connected, accessible new-home environment. And, as millions of baby boomers across the country begin the next phase of their lives, buying the right home is top of mind for them.”

Southport NC Iconic ‘Worms & Coffee’


Iconic ‘Worms and Coffee’ gas station, store will close its doors for good on Saturday

Shoppers from Bolivia to Australia have visited, heard of or read about Brunswick County’s gas station with the unique sign, and locals have come to depend on it as a convenient stop between Southport and Supply on N.C. 211.

But after Saturday, Midway Trading Post, known unofficially but famously as “Worms and Coffee” for its glowing neon window sign and well-traveled merchandise, will be closed for good.

Midway Coffee & Worms Store front

Midway Coffee & Worms Store front

Midway Coffee & Worms Station

Midway Coffee & Worms Station


The landscape around the small convenience store has changed drastically in the past several months, with a brand-new Lowes Foods shopping center opening practically at the back door, resulting in a decrease in business. Plans for widening N.C. 211 to meet traffic demands have provided a buyer for the property—the State of North Carolina.

Midway owner Carol Richards said the state made her an offer on her store, and with business slowing down, it came at the right time.

Richards and her husband Mike, who passed away last year, bought Midway Trading Post in 1993 after finding their new home in Southport.

Mike Richards was working in Research Triangle Park during a time of mass layoffs, and rather than waiting around to hear who would be next, the couple decided to find a place where they would ultimately retire.

“We were 49 years old, and we wanted to live at the coast. We loved Southport,” Richards said.

Before retiring, the couple wanted to operate a business in the community they loved, but they didn’t want something with a huge commitment such as a restaurant or hotel, she recalled.

They found Midway Trading Post through a local real estate agent.

“We just bought this old store, and we thought it looked cool,” Richards said. “We thought, we can make things out of it.

“My husband loved it. I’m just sorry he’s not able to reap the rewards and enjoy retirement.”

Midway has three employees, and they have known for the past year that the store was closing, giving them time to adjust and find other work.

Richards is ready for the next phase of her life but remains grateful and pleased with the customers and “fans” the store has attracted over the years.

“We’ve been all over the world with our T-shirts and hats and everything,” she said, noting that Mike’s efforts to market the shop “Worms and Coffee” via signs and merchandise paid off, resulting in state, national and international recognition.

Magazines such as Our State wrote features on the tiny store, and locals and tourists sent the merchandise to their friends and families around the world.

“Australia is the farthest I think we’ve gone,” Richards said.

Not bad for a little gas, coffee and convenience store popular with local outdoorsmen that stayed “pretty much the same all these years,” according to long-time employee Stephanie Spencer, who worked at the store even before the Richards family purchased it.

An auction of store property is scheduled August 20 at Midway, but this Saturday is the last day locals and visitors can buy their “worms and coffee” and sit in the outdoor chairs for a chat with friends.

River Sea: Welcome to the heart of Coastal County

RiverSea Plantation is a private gated community tucked away next to the Lockwood Folly River. Just minutes from beautiful historic Southport, the RiverSea community spans 600-acres of coastal real estate. Residents enjoy living near some of the most beautiful coastal waters with easy access to the Cape Fear River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Intercoastal Waterway.

This community is a great choice when you are looking for a homesite that feels tucked away from the tourists. With homesites surrounded by nature at its best, RiverSea is perfect for your laid-back lifestyle. Enjoy a morning walk on the beautiful nature trails or go for a hike on the trails that wind around the many ponds and marshes.

The fishing enthusiast will love the easy access to the best fishing on the North Carolina coast. RiverSea provides boat storage on site so you can quickly grab your boat and hit the waters whenever the mood strikes! Residents of RiverSea enjoy direct ocean access so your next big catch is only a few minutes away.

RiverSea offers some amazing amenities to residents, including a private club at Holden Beach where you can avoid the crowds and spend the day lounging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or fishing in the surf. Inside of the RiverSea Community, residents enjoy year-round access to a beautiful swimming pool, tennis courts, and many outdoor trails.

The RiverSea community clubhouse is the perfect place to enjoy some coffee and chat with friends and neighbors. You might want to even plan your next big golfing adventure! There are a variety of beautiful golf courses in the area, including three top-rated courses in St. James Plantation and another beautiful golf course in Caswell Beach.

If you are looking for your dream home right in the heart of Carolina’s coast, you must see the beautiful homesites available in RiverSea. Call today to learn more about this tranquil coastal community

Brunswick Forest

People who find their way to Brunswick Forest have one thing in common. They want to live in a pleasant climate that provides them with an excellent quality of life, and the ability to stay active. If this sounds like the kind of life you would enjoy, you’ll never want to leave Brunswick Forest. It’s exactly the type of desirable community where everyone dreams of living.

It’s difficult to imagine a location that could possibly be more ideal. The community has the sense of seclusion and privacy of a rural setting, but is close enough to medical assistance and big city nightlife that no one ever feels completely cut off from society.

Residents are a quick 10-minute trip to the historic, and most interesting, section of Wilmington, NC. In about 30 minutes, you can be on the gorgeous North Carolina beach. On the days you don’t feel like going into Wilmington or the to the beach, you will be able to take advantage of the 4,500 acres of forest land which has numerous parks, nature trails, and creeks your entire family will enjoy.

Folks who have moved to Brunswick Forest spend a considerable amount of time participating in various activities which include:

  • Biking and hiking in the forest which has several well groomed trails.
  • Getting physically fit at the local fitness center
  • Swimming, either in the local community pool or traveling to the ocean for a salt water dip
  • Golfing the Cape Fear National Course
  • Kayaking, canoeing, and fishing
  • Meeting at the community commons for community programs and socializing

Residents of the coastal community enjoy a plethora of amenities which include one of the most highly ranked golf courses in the country, a small town that has plenty of shopping and dining options. The community has a strong family friendly feel, and nearly all the neighbors enjoy a close connection to one another.

Anyone interested in moving to the lovely North Carolina Community will be delighted by the variety of real estate options available to them. In addition to some impressive, upscale properties, there are also several affordable, low maintenance patio style homes you will want to check out. There are homes that provide enough space for a growing family to enjoy, pieces of property that will be the perfect get away place for empty nesters, and homes for those couples who want something in-between. There’s truly a property for every taste and budget. Contact Vic today to start exploring the homes for sale in Brunswick Forest.

Palmetto Creek

It’s difficult to imagine any community having a more perfect location than Palmetto Creek of the Carolinas. The small, picturesque community is nestled within a short drive of Myrtle Beach, Southport, and Wilmington. The location alone makes it the ideal place to live.

When you first arrive in Palmetto Creek, you will notice the gorgeous scenery. A stunning boardwalk trail has been created that provides the perfect place to go for a walk or take the kids for a bike ride. The boardwalk cuts through the Palmetto Grove preserve where a natural eco-system has been established. Each time residents take advantage of the boardwalk they find themselves marveling at the stunning vegetation and looking for wildlife. In addition to the boardwalk, the gated community also has several trails residents can use whenever they want to walk or ride their bikes.

You can cool off in the heat of the summer when you visit the community clubhouse and take a dip in the pool. Not only does this pool provide residents with the perfect place to use water aerobics to stay fit, but it will also keep the children amused for hours and hours, and provides a lovely setting to socialize, get lost in a good book, or work on a summer tan.

Golfers love Palmetto Creek. In addition to being a great place to hone your golf skills, the putting green has helped bring the community members together. It has turned into a community-gathering place. When residents aren’t on the putting green, they can often be found at the tennis courts.
Palmetto Creek is an ideal location for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. The outdoor pavilion provides the perfect location for things like picnic lunches and outdoor chess games. The community also has several ponds, miniature lakes, and pocket parks. A kayak/canoe launch makes the water easily accessible for all residents.

Within a short drive, you can explore dozens of adorable little shops, seafood restaurants, and impressive art galleries.
Palmetto Creek might be a gated community, but that doesn’t mean it has a cookie cutter feel. Several of the homes are historical and are breathtakingly beautiful.

Residents of Palmetto Creek enjoy a quiet, laid back lifestyle near the most stunning North Carolina beaches. Whether you decide to spend a day in Myrtle Beach or grab your beach towels and head to nearby Oak Island beaches, the sand and surf is just a short distance from this community. Contact Vic today to start exploring houses for sale in Palmetto Creek.

Bald Head


RiverMist, North Carolina is nestled in the quaint, historic town of Southport. It’s a community that truly has something for everyone. In addition to being family friendly and lovely, the community has a wide assortment of amenities. Residents enjoy close proximity to restaurants, scenic parks, a boat harbor, antique shops, and golf courses. The community is also home to some gorgeous oak trees.

One of the things that draw residents to the 167-acre community is the easy access they will have to the Atlantic Ocean as well as the dining and shopping opportunities in Southport. Residents will enjoy instant access to the views of the marina and the beach. Community amenities include luxuries like a private swimming pool and state of the art fitness center. Residents of River Mist enjoy an ongoing calendar of social activities where they can spend time with friends and neighbors.

RiverMist is a golfer’s dream community. It is in close proximity to the best golf courses in North Carolina, including the four top rates courses in St. James Plantation.

Folks who call RiverMist home are urged to take advantage of the Resident’s Club, which has a fitness center and swimming pool. On nice days, members will want to enjoy a quiet, sunshine filled meal in the well-maintained picnic area.

Anyone who loves fishing will love RiverMist. It’s possible to fish nearly every single day of the year. It doesn’t matter if you like to stay close to the shore, or if you enjoy heading to the open water, there’s ample opportunity to land a trophy worthy catch. Residents are constantly bringing home prize dolphin, sailfish, and marlins.

Once you have settled into your RiverMist home, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to leave the community. It has everything you could need within a short driving distance including the freshest seafood, amazing boutiques, plenty of grocery options, medical services that are just moments away, and several dining options. Take a half hour drive and you will reach the heart of Wilmington where you can enjoy riverfront shopping, antique shops, theater productions, art galleries, and museu

Oak Island NC Real Estate and Homes for Sale

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The Town of Oak Island is a perfect fit for anyone who has always dreamed of living in a beach town, but also desires that small town feel. Unlike some beach communities, Oak Island NC real estate and homes for sale is a quiet place to call home with plenty of activities for your whole family to enjoy.

The family friendly atmosphere is just one of the things that attracts people to Oak Island. The area’s natural beauty also proves to be a huge draw. As you go down the main street, you’ll enjoy the abundance of old and lovely oak trees. In addition to the island itself, the Town of Oak Island also includes some sections of the mainland near each of the bridges, and the South Harbor Village golf course community.

Anyone who loves the beach will quickly fall in love with Oak Island NC. The town has 65 different public beach access points. There’s more than enough docks, boat launches, and access points that lead to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Davis Canal for the entire community to enjoy. The easy access to water makes the area a great choice for anyone who enjoys boating, fishing, swimming, and just hanging out at the Atlantic Ocean.

For the person who loves being outdoors, Oak Island is truly a little piece of paradise. Explore the eight different parks that include baseball and football fields, dog parks, and skate parks. Each park is well maintained and a fun place to spend a quiet afternoon or evening.

Oak Island is also a haven for small businesses. As you explore the dozens of shops and restaurants, you will find treasures at every turn. The Town of Oak Island also takes community events seriously. The Parks and Recreation Department puts a great deal of effort into arranging events everyone will enjoy. These events include:

  • Craft shows
  • Beach Days with fireworks
  • Fitness programs
  • Pier fishing tournaments
  • Turtle Triathlon

Everyone who lives in The Town of Oak Island agree is a marvelous location. If you are looking for the perfect little beach town to call home, contact Vic today to start exploring available properties on Oak Island.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor

Coastal North Carolina has always been special, which is why it has such a rich and varied history. For hundreds of years, sea travelers have used the region as a nautical landmark. Today, instead of greeting world famous explorers, the tip of the southern North Carolina coast is home to Seawatch at Sunset Harbor, a residential community that is devoted to preserving the area’s nautical culture and natural beauty.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is a perfect choice for anyone who loves natural landscapes. In the 3,000 acre parcel of land you’ll find some ancient oak trees, ponds, marshlands, salt marshes, woodland, rolling and flat land, and easy access to plenty of beach footage. When creating the community, designers were careful to leave as much of the land alone as possible.

The designers of Seawatch at Sunset Harbor were determined to preserve the area’s natural artwork and its legacy. They wanted future generations to understand and appreciate the area. As a result award-winning architects put a great deal of effort into creating a community that looks amazing and feels very natural.

In the past few years, many people have chosen real estate in Seawatch at Sunset Harbor. Although Seawatch at Sunset Harbor isn’t large, it has many features residents appreciate. However, as much as the residents appreciate what they have, they’re also quite excited about some changes that could soon be coming to the community. The proposed features include:

  • Intracoastal Waterway waterfront properties
  • The addition of a private beach club
  • An amenity campus which will be an impressive 23 acre’s large and provide residents with a great way to enjoy the nature surrounding their home.
  • A beautiful marina that will provide deep-water access to anyone with a boat.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is an excellent choice for anyone who has grown tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. The smaller community has a cozy, comfortable feel. Southport is just minutes away with the convenience of restaurants, shopping, and some of the best coasting on the southeast coast.

If you are looking for a new home, contact Vic today to browse the wide selection of homes for sale in Seawatch at Sunset Harbor.

Caswell Beach

Caswell Beach is tucked away on the north end of beautiful Oak Island and offers a great selection of real estate choices. Whether you are looking for a townhome, condo, home, or homesite, Caswell Beach has the perfect property for you!

When you choose a home in Caswell Beach, you can enjoy some of the best views on the coast. Properties are available with views of the ocean, marsh, or golf courses. Of course, oceanfront homes are also in abundance and provide the ultimate luxury with the beach in your backyard.

Caswell Beach has been called “the best little beach town in North Carolina” and it truly lives up to its reputation. Though it is small at only three square miles, there is plenty to see and do. Explore the beautiful white sandy beaches, spend the day offshore fishing, or browse the dozens of shops on Oak Island. With a short car ride north, you can access hundreds of great restaurants and shops in Wilmington. Or if you prefer, you can venture south to the busy city of Myrtle Beach.

If you enjoy playing golf, Caswell Beach is the perfect place to call home. Spend your days playing the 18-hole, par 72 golf course. Many have suggested that Brunswick County is quickly becoming the golf capital on the east coast. Beyond the Caswell Beach Golf Course, you can also enjoy playing at other nearby courses including three beautiful courses at St. James Plantation.

Residents of Caswell Beach enjoy easy access to the Oak Island Lighthouse, visible for over 24 miles and known as the brightest working lighthouse in the United States.

Homes in Caswell Beach come in every size. Whether you are looking for a quaint little beach cottage to use as a weekend retreat or you want to sprawling mansion with plenty of square footage, there is a property that will meet your needs in this pristine location.
If you are looking for a new home on the Carolina Coast, consider the quiet community of Caswell Beach.