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09/25/2013 – user0594739

Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Southport, NC.

When we interview Vic before deciding on a realtor to list our home with, he was the only one who told us what needed to be done to our home in order to make it sell-able. All other brokers just told us what a lovely home we had. We listened to Vic, made necessary changes and listed with Vic.
His knowledge of the community and surrounding area, along with strong marketing of our home which included all facets of advertising, both on-line and printable materials made a big difference. He held open houses for brokers alone as well as open houses for the public.
While we were traveling he took the time to stop by and see that our home was okay. His response time to any inquiries we may have had was very timely.
We thanked Vic for his professionalism and his caring!