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Caswell Beach

You’ll find Caswell Beach tucked on the east end of Oak Island, right at the mouth of Cape Fear River. The area stretches for four miles, and consists of marshes, sand dunes, and lots of beach frontage. The area contains no commercial developments, making it the perfect place for anyone who wants a home that’s peaceful. Caswell Beach has the distinction of being the smallest of the Brunswick County Beach Towns and is also considered to be one of the most family friendly.

Although it is one of the youngest Oak Island communities, Caswell Beach has the distinction of being one of the oldest settlements. When it was called Fort Caswell, the area was used by the Confederate troops from 1861 through 1865. During the Spanish-American War and both World War’s the area way also used by American troops. It’s location to the International Waterway making it the ideal location to resupply. Today that same location makes it a great choice for anyone who owns a boat and longs to spend long days fishing and sailing the deep Atlantic waters. The days when Caswell Beach was used to further war efforts are long gone, and now the area serves as the primary residence for people who enjoy a serene environment.

Caswell Beach’s main landmark is the Oak Island Lighthouse which has the distinction of being not only the home to the local U.S. Coast Guard Station, but is also the most brightly lit lighthouse in the entire United States. Today the Oak Island Lighthouse is owned by the town of Caswell Beach. The light house is 153 feet tall and the top can be accessed by a series of sturdy ship ladders. Residents and guests are free to tour the lighthouse year round. Without reservations, you can venture up to the second floor. When you book a reservation, you will be able to travel all the way to the top of the lighthouse.

Brunswick County is fast becoming the golfing capital of the Eastern United States so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to hit the green. Anyone who wants to enjoy a round of golf but who is loath to leave the peace and serenity of the Caswell Beach will enjoy playing at Caswell Beach Golf Course. Golfers interested in different challenges enjoy a wide selection of golf courses in the vicinity, including three at nearby Saint James Plantation. Caswell Beach is defined by its marshy patches which provide the perfect setting for birdwatching and photography outing, deep sand dunes, and pretty cottages that border the ocean. In the summer, the temperature barely rises about the low 80’s and in the fall, the temperature seldom sinks below 70 degrees, making Caswell Beach perfect for anyone who enjoys spending as much time as they can outdoors.

Since Caswell Beach is strictly a residential community, residents will have to make a short trip to either Oak Island Beach or Southport to stock up on supplies. All of the residents who currently call Caswell Beach consider this minor inconvenience to be worthwhile and have no desire to add any shops to their peaceful community. There are many housing options available in Caswell Beach. You’ll find everything from cute little beach cottages that are perfect for small families and vacationer to huge mansions.