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Seawatch at Sunset Harbor

Coastal North Carolina has always been special, which is why it has such a rich and varied history. For hundreds of years, sea travelers have used the region as a nautical landmark. Today, instead of greeting world famous explorers, the tip of the southern North Carolina coast is home to Seawatch at Sunset Harbor, a residential community that is devoted to preserving the area’s nautical culture and natural beauty.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is a perfect choice for anyone who loves natural landscapes. In the 3,000 acre parcel of land you’ll find some ancient oak trees, ponds, marshlands, salt marshes, woodland, rolling and flat land, and easy access to plenty of beach footage. When creating the community, designers were careful to leave as much of the land alone as possible.

The designers of Seawatch at Sunset Harbor were determined to preserve the area’s natural artwork and its legacy. They wanted future generations to understand and appreciate the area. As a result award-winning architects put a great deal of effort into creating a community that looks amazing and feels very natural.

In the past few years, many people have chosen real estate in Seawatch at Sunset Harbor. Although Seawatch at Sunset Harbor isn’t large, it has many features residents appreciate. However, as much as the residents appreciate what they have, they’re also quite excited about some changes that could soon be coming to the community. The proposed features include:

  • Intracoastal Waterway waterfront properties
  • The addition of a private beach club
  • An amenity campus which will be an impressive 23 acre’s large and provide residents with a great way to enjoy the nature surrounding their home.
  • A beautiful marina that will provide deep-water access to anyone with a boat.

Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is an excellent choice for anyone who has grown tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. The smaller community has a cozy, comfortable feel. Southport is just minutes away with the convenience of restaurants, shopping, and some of the best coasting on the southeast coast.

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